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#15daily Step 1: Space

Your mission today is to find a chill zone in your house. Maybe a spare bedroom, a quiet corner, even a bedside table. Somewhere out of the rush.

Then gather some special things - pictures that mean something to you - someone special like a grandparent, something amazing from your travels. Maybe something from your religious or spiritual tradition. some shells or rocks. Have fun with this! Let yourself be a kid and build a cool thing.

My zone is kinda complicated - but you don’t have to bling it out. You can keep it Kondo - we’re really trying to bring together things that make you feel some kind of way - a sense of sacredness even. Incense and some chill music can be helpful as well.

Spend a few minutes and get that together today - don’t just send me heart emojis, actually do it! And tomorrow we’re on step 2: vibes

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again"

- Joseph Campbell


Check out this article by the Harvard Business School: Don't Stop Believing: Rituals Improve Performance by Decreasing Anxiety

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