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#15daily Step 2: Vibes!

Welcome back to #15daily - building a 15 minute daily practice. We’re on Step 2: Vibes.

Yesterday we created a special spot. Today we’re going to spend just a minute or two sitting or standing in front of that spot - maybe like some incense or play some music - and really GO THERE. Not with your mind but with your heart. Try to cultivate a sense of awe and wonder - even love. Bow down - physically or mentally - not to a picture or a god - but to the strength and resilience of your own heart. Thank yourself for taking a couple of minutes out of your day for YOU. Optional to add a prayer from your own tradition.

If it’s hard to cultivate these feelings - and it is for many - fake it til you make it. It works. Try it now! And let me kno thoughts in the comments.

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around."

- Willie Nelson

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