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#15daily Step 4: Breath

Step 4. Breath!

Breathwork. Iceman Wim Hof swears by it. Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton swears by it. Sages and mystics the world over have been practicing it forever. But I am literally allergic to the white-hippy-dreadlocks-transcendental-with-oriental-gongs variety. I literally get hives.

But thing is. It works! A Buddhist teacher of mine, Thanissara, recently suggested I try a simple and subdued form as practiced by David Elliott. Check his stuff out. I’ve discovered that there is no more powerful way to prepare yourself for meditation than breathwork. It is quick and super effective at clearing the mind - like pressing a reset button. Try it!

As a sidetone, I’ve realized that exercise is really just a way of tricking our bodies to breathe properly and pump up the oxygen levels in our blood. So if your motion is restricted - by a quarantine for example - this is a great daily practice on it’s own.

Please go easy. Breathwork is powerful - the simple practice I describe should work for anyone, but more advanced and longer practices should be done with someone experienced. It can bring up strong emotions and some folks use it to achieve psychedelic states of mind (!)

"Inhale the future, exhale the past."

– Author Unknown


David Elliott

Laird Hamilton

Wim Hof

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