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#15daily The End!

We’re back!

We’ve moved through the 5 steps of space, vibes, body, breath and mind. We’ve touched on the power of tuning into the sacred, gratitude, prayer, connecting with the body, the amazing power of breathwork, and meditation. A nice way to wrap the practice is to gently open your eyes, palms together, and take a couple of minutes to set your intentions for the day. Maybe it’s something specific. Maybe it’s re-iterating your own mission statement.

There are so many ways to build a daily practice! And I know it might seem like a lot. A lot of us have more time now than we’ve had in years - so this might be the time to dive in. They say it takes 2 weeks to make a new habit, so I’ll be practicing live on IG with you every morning from March 27 at 830am PST. Just bring yourself, and spend 15 minutes of your morning cultivating a daily practice!

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